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FQT (Fruit Quality Tester) Download Brochure (PDF)

The FQT is designed to accurately accumulate the texture readings of fruit or vegetable samples in a faster and more efficient manner. The system operates in conjunction with a standard PC and uses Windows® -based software to interrogate a digital force sensor. This sensor offers an improved accuracy over conventional mechanical type gauges such as the Effegi and Magness-Taylor instruments.  The combination of sensor accuracy and the flexibility of the Windows software gives the user considerable control and confidence during the data collection process.

The FQT software allows the user to enter
header information such as: operator, sample identifier, averaging intervals, and number of sides sampled. After entering the header information, the program proceeds to the collection menu. At this point the program is in a stand-by mode until a sample is taken. Once a sample is taken, the program stores the pentetration profile, peak value and time of the reading and then will automatically advance to the next sample without requiring a keyboard entry. This insures the collection process flows as efficiently as possible.

The program's main
collection menu is comprised of two sections, a readings display window and a graphical display module. The readings section is located on the left side of window and displays a running account of the information which has been collected. The graphical display module is used to disay the penetration profile, as well as graph statistical information such as peak readings and frequency distributions.

The FQT has a feature which allows the user to set various settings such as the ability to set upper and lower time restrictions on the penetration of the sample. This gives the operator the ability to set filter protocols and reject readings outside these limits. This feature also serves to reduce operator variability and provide operator feedback. These option are set using the FQT's
control panel

The data collected by the system is easily
exported to other formats such as QuattroPro® or Excel®.

FQT features:
  • Automatic advance after reading is taken with no keyboard input required
  • Data is easily exportable to QuattroPro® or Excel® complete with sample specific header information and notes.
  • Capability to collect samples on two sides, such as in the case with apples (Red/Green)
  • User selectable speed control to reduce variations among different operators.
  • Displays running sample averages
  • Displays the sample's statistical values; Mean, Standard Dev, & Coefficient of Dispersion
  • Stores penetration profiles for each sample

Digital Sensor Specification
Range 0-40 Pounds
Units Kilograms/Pounds/Newtons
Accuracy +-0.2 % F.S.
Resolution 0.01 lb / 0.01 kg / 0.1 N
Overload 200 %
Penetrating heads (5/16'') Pears

(7/16'') Apples

The FQT was developed with the collaboration of John M. DeLong, Robert K. Prange, and Peter A. Harrison of the Atlantic Food and Horticulture Research Centre, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

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