Creed Collins

Friday April 23, 1909- Creed Collins passed over the great divide. Thus stepped off life's stage a very widely known citizen and Pennsboro's most familiar figure.

Little comment on his life and character is necessary. Most of our readers knew him well.

He was a man of xxxx of strong personality, energetic, economical, ambitious, charitable, tenacious, of opinion, accommodating, shrewd, a strong partisan and an unrelenting enemy.

He entered business here some 40 years ago, and was a successful merchant, began early to acquire land and became finally the largest landowner in Ritchie County. 

He was interested in the formation of the F&M Bank and later organized the First National Bank, of which he was until lately, President. He was President of the West Virginia Heat and light Company, since it was taken over by local people, and was largely interested in the Collins and Allied Lumber Companies.

His recent financial troubles culminating in bankruptcy proceedings need only to be referred to.

He was an active Democrat, for years a member of the state committee rarely missing a convention. He was the Democrat nominee for Congress in 1900 in his old fourth district.

Like all men of his temperament, he had warm friends and bitter enemies, but both alike wish that life's xxxx fever over, he may sleep well.

As he began weeks ago to enter the shadows xxxxxxxx forgetfulness of his reverses. So friend and foe alike, imprest with the pathetic tragedy of his passing, will forget his faults, and all past differences and will remember only his virtues.

Again peace to his ashes.

Creed Collins was born Dec 14, 1842... the son of John and Phoebe Collins. Enlisted Co. A. 25th Va Calvalay, C.S.A. He was twice captured. Spent some months in camp Chase (Columbus Ohio) whence he escaped by tunneling.

He was married in 1867 to Miss Susan Haymond who with the following children survive him. Mesdames J.K.B. Wooddell, Marion Greer and Harvey Smith, Miss Genevieve and Messers, C.H., S.W. and H. B. Collins. 

The funeral was held from his home, Sunday afternoon, conducted by the Rev A.B. Mitchell of Parkersburg, and was very largely attended. The internment was in private cemetery near the home. 

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