Smith Family History

Genealogical and Personal History of the Upper Monongahela Valley West Virginia
by Edward Grandison Smith

Edward Grandison Smith was born on Horse Run, in Harrison County, West Virginia, April 8, 1868. He was named for his paternal uncle, a captain of their Seventeenth Virginia Cavalry, commanded by General Jenkins until his death, and afterward by General McCausland. His father, Thomas Marion Smith, a farmer, grazier, and miller, of faultless character, clear intellect and superior reasoning faculties, now resides near West Milford. His mother, Amy Minerva, was a beautiful girl, married at sixteen, and has ever been a self-sacrificing and devoted wife and mother, and a model for her granddaughters, is the youngest daughter of Captain Samuel Hoff. The home of the parents of Edward G. Smith was acquired by his great-grandfather, and has been since continuously the family home.

Edward G. Smith was for four years a cadet at the University of West Virginia at Morgantown, and received the degree of LL.B. from that institution in 1889.   He took LL.B. from Washington & Lee University at Lexington, Virginia, in 1892. For the latter institution, as its representative, in the Southern Intercollegiate Oratorical contest at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, he won the medal in 1892.

In 1892 he was admitted to the bar, and has ever since continued the practice of the law at Clarksburg, West Virginia. His practice has included nearly every variety of litigation that arises in his state, and has been attended with more than average success. It has so happened that his clients have not been the public service corporations, a connection through which most great lawyers have become distinguished. He has never engaged in any other business or occupation since he was admitted to the bar, not even as notary public, or as a master commissioner, but has devoted himself exclusively to the practice of the law, except on a few occasions when he has served in Harrison, Marion and Monongalia as special judge-, sometimes to hold a special term, and sometimes to hold the regular term in the absence of the regular judge. Not as a business, but as a diversion, he conducts the affairs of his farm of sixty acres on which he resides as much of the year as road conditions will permit, usually about six months without interfering with his law practice. Salem College has conferred upon Mr. Smith the Honorary degree of Doctor of Laws. His law library is second to none individually owned in the state.

After the seventy-five members of the Harrison county bar, fourteen members of the Taylor county bar, thirteen members and judges of the Doddridge county bar, fifty-three members and judges of the Marion county bar and fifty-four members and judges of the Monongalia county bar had endorsed, without regard to party, his fitness for judge of the supreme court of appeals, a circumstance which is not known to the writer to have happened to any other person anywhere, his name was presented for nomination for judge of the supreme court of appeals before the Democratic state convention at Parkersburg, along with the names of Hon. Andrew Price, of Marlinton, and judge William George Bennett, of Weston, and the vote standing 1039 for Smith, 712 for Bennett and 625 for Price, Mr. Smith, out of a possible 1187, having received 1039 votes, 'and judge Bennett having received a majority over Mr. Price, motion was, made to make Mr. Smith's nomination and that of judge Bennett by acclamation and it carried before the actual vote, as above, was officially announced.

In October, 1899, he was married to, Jessie, daughter of John Blackshere, founder and president of the Exchange Bank of Mannington. She is a cheery, loyal wife, who, ever inspire her husband to do and be the best of which he is capable. They have two children, a son of seven and a daughter of four, both of fair promise.

Genealogical and Personal History of the Upper Monongahela Vally West Virginia

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