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Expedition 99, August 12-15   
We had a great time on our trip, even though we met with limited success. The fog was quite dense for most of the trip and we were very thankful we had a GPS unit. (Global Positioning System) It allowed us to continue our search. We were also very fortunate have the fog lift on our last day. We experienced the vast beauty of the barrens and also seen a number of moose and caribou.

One of our primary waypoints we were interested in traveling to was a point on a 1950 aerial photograph located to the north-northwest of the crash point. On this photo was a small image about (.05 mm) across. The scaled size of the object would have been about 8 ft across. It was our thought that it perhaps may be a cabin and being to the north-northwest of the crash site we thought it may be important if Tommy would have seen it. ........more

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