Instrument Panel Found

On a trip to Clarksburg, WV in 1999 we think we found the instrument panel to Tommy's aircraft. Click on the picture to see a larger image. It is believed that it was retrieved by his father, Harvey F. Smith soon after the plane was found in 1941.

We are in the process of verifying it's authenticity. Our first test was to record the altimeter setting from the panel and compare it to the altimeter reading from Old Orchard Beach on May 28, 1939 at 3:47 EST. The two readings were very close, the Clarksburg panel was set to 28.50" and the Old Orchard setting was 28.48". We derived the Old Orchard setting by extrapolating the readings from the Portland and Boston weather stations. It appears very likely that this is the panel from Tommy's Aeronca.

Another test we would like to try is to compare the serial numbers from the Clarksburg panel to either factory records at the Pioneer instrument Co or the Sperry Co. This is an area where we do not know where to get this type of information. If you have any ideas or suggestions we would like to hear from you.

The serial/part numbers from the panel are as follows

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