Endurance Plane Brought Down

LANCASTER, Calif, Nov 1 (A/P)

-The endurance flight of the light monoplane, "Little Bear" ended today after it had flown for 218 hours and 23 minutes over Rosamond Dry Lake. An auxiliary gasoline tank sprung a leak. Although the record for small craft; 136 hours 10 Minutes was broken, the all-type endurance mark of 653 hours, 34 minutes was not endangered. Clyde Schlieffer sic (Schlieper) and Thomas Smith brought the plane down. Harley Long, alternate pilot was on the ground at the time. Changes of pilots were effected by a rope ladder dropped to an automobile traveling at sixty miles per hour.

"Endurance Plane Brought Down," New York Times, (November 2, 1938), p.26.

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