Group Flight Outside Union.

We found this picture while visiting in Clarksburg, WV in 1999. Tommy had written on the back, "Group Flight Outside Union" His sister, Rachel had marked just below it, "Union Tennessee??" It was obvious that even she did not know where this picture was taken. It was a challenge to determine spot where this picture was taken. Tommy's was referring to the Burbank Airport by it old name "Union Air Terminal" Now we had to find where at the airport it was taken. One feature that is distinctive is the Hanger corner post in the right part of the picture. As it turns out there were two building at Union of the same design.

Opening Day Ceremonies, Dedication of United Airport

Lockheed Air Terminal Complex Hangar 1, Hangar 2, aerial view. ca 1950

Revealing the Verdugo Mountains in the background of Union Picture

Determined location of Group Flight Photo

Amelia Earhart starts out from the same spot