Schlieper, Carroll Set Endurance Mark, Plane to Land Sunday After Thirty Days

LOS ANGELES Oct 26- Clyde Schlieper and Wes Carroll broke all endurance records for aircraft ay 3:42 PM today when their tiny monoplane passed the make of 653 hours 33 minutes and kept flying.

The pontoon-equipped two seater has been flying above Rosamond Dry Lake, near Lancaster since it left the Long Beach Marine Stadium at 9:00 AM on September 29. The fifty horsepower ship will land at 3 PM on Sunday, the fliers wrote in a note dropped today. They will have fulfilled their promise to remain aloft for thirty days.

Schlieper, 27 and Carroll, 26 broke the record held by Al and Fred Keys of Meridian Miss, four years ago in a 165 horsepower Curtis Robin similar to Douglas Corrigan's transatlantic machine. The seaplane record was passed when they had been flying thirty hours. They also broke the light plane mark on Oct 13 when they passed 343 hours 46 min set in August by Humphrey and Hunter Moody at Springfield Il.

When they land at Long Beach on Sunday a municipal celebration will be given, headed by Mayor Francis Genty

Schlieper first flew at the age of 10, soled at 18 and two years ago [sic] attempted his first protracted "flight to nowhere" with Tommy Smith of Glendale. Smith later was lost on an oceanic hop. He is married and lives in Long Beach.

Carroll soloed at 16. His wife is secretary of the Long Beach Police chief. Since their takeoff on Sept 29 they have flown over Rosamond Dry Lake. The plane was refueled three gallons at a time, from a motor truck speeding along the desert floor and occasionally has flown south to the sea front for a change of scenery. Wives of the two pilots have acted as cooks and quartermasters, sending the food aloft at the end of a rope.

Forty aerial contacts have been made daily for gasoline, meals and messages

"Schlieper, Carroll Set Endurance Mark, Plane to Land Sunday After Thirty Days" New York Times, (October 27, 1939)

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